Savior Equipment Wall Rack System – 10 Panel Kit + Attachments


None 5 Panel +$115.00 10 Panel +$215.00
None Rifle Wall Rack +$95.00 Angle Adjustable Rifle Rack +$68.00
None 2 Pack +$12.00


A modular slat wall is nothing new, but for us, it just has to be affordable. With our Wall Rack System, you choose how you want to display your firearms with the included attachments

  • 6 rifles, 6 pistols, or use the hooks to display firearms horizontally and hang other gear
  • Mounting points are pre-cut for wall studs
  • Latch the patent pending J-hook bracket and secure into place with the integrated swivel lock
  • Fits most firearms
  • supports are rubber-encased to prevent scratches so there’s no concern when resting up to 6 firearms on the included rifle rack brackets
  • infinitely expandable to accompany your ever-growing collection of firearms, bows, and swords. Non-proprietary panels accept all accessories made for 3″ on-center slat walls
  • 1 stock rack, 1 barrel rack, 10 slat wall panels, 12 J-hook brackets, 5 alignment plates, 40 wood screws
  • Savior Lifetime Warranty

Size Chart