Glock Tamography™ Slide Cuts


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We are accepting customer supplied stock Glock 19 gen 4/5 (including G45) slides for the Tamography™ treatment. All three sides of your Glock slide will be engraved with Tamography™, chamfered edges, front serrations, coated in your choice of color, with an option of additional optic cut. The minimum lead time for slide cuts is 3-4 weeks after we receive your slide.

Ship stripped slides to:
8588 Foundry Branch Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89113

When shipping slides for milling, SHIP STRIPPED SLIDES ONLY. Do not ship the lower of the firearm as we are not transferring the firearm.

• Customer provided stock Glock 19 gen 4/5 (including G45) slides must be sent in within one week of purchase
• Accepting orders April 22-29th
• New channel liners includes
• Cerakote: Black, olive drab green, flat dark earth, grey
• Optic cuts: RMR, Acro
• CNC Tamography™ pattern, chamfered edges, front serrations cut added to slides without manufacturer provided serrations, optional optic cut

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